FPC-Bethlehem NAILS Mission Trip 2004

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Trees. We saw a lot of tghese on the train. Posted by Hello

A view from the train.  Posted by Hello

Another viw of our steam engine.  Posted by Hello

This is, of course, the engine of the same train.  Posted by Hello

This is the coal car of the train we took to Frostburg and back. I think they're loading it with water to make the steam.  Posted by Hello

One of the cars of the Western Maryland Railroad, which runs between Cumberland and Frostburg.  Posted by Hello

Joel Jacobsen, our hairless fearless leader, letting off a little steam.  Posted by Hello

Don "Dumpster Don" Marshall, looking mighty dapper in his pressed golf shirt.  Posted by Hello

My wife, Sunny, at the table with Laurel Bruce and JD, relaxing after a long day of, well, being in a van.  Posted by Hello

This is a view of the man-made canyon through which I-70 passes on the way to Cumberland, MD. We stopped here for lunch on Saturday, 17 July 2004. This is only about half an hour before Cumberland.  Posted by Hello